When you stay at The Old Countryhouse travellers’ hostel in Christchurch you are supporting a business that has always acted in practical ways to help protect the planet.

This benefits you too because we pass the savings on to our guests by keeping our nightly rates as low as possible.


  • All the accommodation areas are fully insulated in the walls, ceiling and under the floor
  • Energy efficient European-style gas central heating runs on an automatic timer set to different day-time and night-time temperatures
  • Low energy long life bulbs in communal areas
  • Sensors ensure lights automatically turn off when not needed
  • Instant gas hot water units rather than the less energy efficient hot water cylinders which are the norm in New Zealand
  • Bathroom fans are wired to the light sensors so they only operate when the lights are on. In the kitchen extractor fans are wired to the cooking hobs so they are only on when needed
  • An outside clothes line is available to dry clothes in summer
  • We regularly clean, monitor and service all energy-consuming equipment, to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible (e.g. refrigerators, heating, dryers, pumps and fans)
  • We have installed water saving dual flush toilets. There are also signs to remind guests that water is valuable – please turn off the tap



  • We favour NZ native plants because they need less water and encourage native birds back into the city.
  • We have a fully automated irrigation system throughout the garden and water gardens at a cool time of day to minimize evaporation
  • We mulch our gardens to retain moisture, add nutrients and discourage weed growth
  • We use recycled landscaping materials where possible



  • We use cotton hand towels rather then paper hand towels.
  • We support the city council’s recycling of green waste, plastic, paper, glass and batteries
  • We have a “free stuff” area so unwanted items from travelers can be re-used rather than thrown away
  • Old towels are given to vets
  • We operate a book and New Zealand maps exchange service



  • We choose our cleaning products carefully and buy in bulk to reduce packaging
  • No sprays are used in our herb garden


  • We provide a free walking map to encourage our guests to discover the city by foot
  • We promote public transport options such as the city councils free shuttle bus

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