Ok, so lets get this clear first. What about this Taylor guy and his mistake? As per my Google research, it happened three times between the years 1850 and 1865 that three different captains mistook Taylors Mistake for either Lyttelton harbour or Sumner Bay. Of course, all these captains were named Taylor. Before these mistakes, the bay was called Vincent’s Bay. That name belongs to another captain who was apparently drunk and at some point threw himself of the ship. The Maori named this bay Te Onepoto, which means short beach. Indeed this small area has some character in its history.

Taylors Mistake is only a short drive from The Old Countryhouse or city centre. There is a parking lot on the beach and before heading for a walk you can enjoy the calmness of the little, charming beach of Taylors Mistake. There are various activities that you can do, from swimming to surfing, fishing, sunbathing, having a BBQ, going for a run, and of course a walk.

So to focus on the walk: It takes you about three hours. On your walk, you will walk along the coast guaranteeing the most beautiful coastal views. You will walk alongside high, steep cliffs, but the paths are relatively flat and well-formed. If you are brave and adventurous enough to walk for the full three hours, you will make it to Godley Head and back.

Godley Head is one of the best coastal defence sites of New Zealand, built for the Second World War. Here you can see the gun emplacements, battery observation post, and other historical buildings. There are also toilets available here as well as on Taylors mistake.

For all of us that think three hours is just a bit too long, do not be afraid! You are able to drive to Godley Head and park there. If this is a better option for you, do not forget to see the beach of Taylors mistake though. It is stunning.

Perhaps you can reward yourself with a BBQ after completing a walk. I think you deserved it.

Taylors Mistake Pic 2