You are awesome! You have an amazing smile! Thankyou for being a great friend!


How do you feel? Complimenting and praising others is an important part of our lives, not only does it make others feel valued but it makes us feel like a good person to.

A study documented in forbes magazine in 2012 concluded that “receiving a compliment had the same positive effect as receiving cash”.


To be honest, it is no surprise that people like to receive kindness: anyone with a moral compass knows that love and kindness creates a positive environment. Praising another person increases their moral, it acknowleges them and makes them feel noticed that day. Most people want to feel secure, and when they are with someone who notices positive things they feel more comfortable.


Several studies have indicated that people perfom better when complimented, regardless of if that is sport, home or work. A japanese study of compliments in the work place used three set of participants who were all taught same finger tapping code; one group were directly complimented by the facilitator on their ability, another group witnessed the compliments with no remarks on their own ability, and the third group were just taught the finger pattern with no feedback. The following day, when these groups were asked to repeat the same finger pattern by memory, the group who had been subjected to compliments could recollect the pattern more easily than participants in the other groups.


At The Old Countryhouse, we think acts of kindness and words of affirmation are important in creating a warm environment for the people in our world. Whether it is a short interaction with a guest, or service worker (postman, electrictian etc), or if it is a longer conversation with someone you know well (ie. a workmate, family member) we want to encourage you to make their day a little brighter by sending a compliment their way. And who knows, someone might do the same to you!! 🙂


Wishing you an amazing Praise Day!