Pumpkins&SquashesOne of our favourite things about autumn is the wide range of delicious vegetables and fruits that can be found at a cheap price in all the local markets. And that’s the beauty of travelling: by going to the local markets, you will not only save money by dealing directly with the producers, but you will also get to experience new local flavours and recipes. Here at the Old Countryhouse Backpackers, we all love cooking and baking, have experimented a little bit with different autumn vegetables and fruits and have come up with some ideas for our fellow travellers on a budget:


Pumpkin Risotto: Pumpkins are super-cheap at the moment and can be cooked in so many different ways! Our personal favorite budget recipe is pumpkin risotto. Start by roasting some onion and some pumpkin in a pot, add your choice of vegetables and spices (we personally recommend a little bit of curry powder) and some veggie broth, add some rice and the required amount of water, and there you go. You just prepared a very filling dinner for backpackers on a budget. Extra tip: You can also replace the water with coconut milk for a delicious creamy texture and taste!


Baked Spaghetti Squash: If you haven’t tried spaghetti squash before, we urge you to go to your local market and get one straightaway! Spaghetti squash is not only tasty and nutritive, but also very simple to prepare. You will need to first cut in half, roast it in the oven for 30mins with a touch of oil, then with a fork gently pull the inside of the squash. It will give a spaghetti-like consistency, and can be prepared exactly like you would eat your pasta: add your choice of sauce and vegetables for a very healthy and hearty dinner.


Yummy Yams, kumaras, parsnips and other root vegetables: Cheap and nutritious, root vegetables are easy to cook or bake and make a very hearthy, filling meal. If you haven’t tried yams and kumara yet, you have to try them ASAP! They both taste a little bit like potatoes, kumara being a lot sweeter and yams having a much stronger taste to it. Our favourite way to eat them is by simply roasting them in the oven for about 45mins, with some oil and the herbs and spices of your choice. Here at the Old Countryhouse, our guests (and ourselves!) can even enjoy some fresh herbs from our garden!


Kiwifruits and 1000 ways to eat them: There’s no way we could post a blog about local fruits and vegetables and not mention kiwifruits. After all, the local people love them so much they named themselves and their national bird after the fruit! Kiwifruits can be super-cheap when in season (April to September), and they are ideal for travellers: they don’t take much space in a backpack, can be eaten without any cutlery and are delicious on their own. They can be added to breakfast porridge, smoothies, cakes and so much more.


We hope we could give you some inspiration and helped you save some money on your next food shopping. So what about you? What are your favourite local fruits and vegetables? What’s your ideal travel recipe? Let us know what you think!