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So you have come to middle earth to explore a world of fantasy and adventure brought the big screen by Peter Jackson. But this amazing land is so rich with hobbits, elves and incredible scenery you just do not know where to start?! Not to worry we can help you recreate this fantasy world with the top Lord of the Rings spots in New Zealand, for an ultimate Lord of the Rings adventure!


North Island Must sees:


Hobbiton: yes hobbiton exists in New Zealand with its colourful burrows and lushes greenery. This is an awesome movie set to visit, and if you are a true Lord of The Rings fan you will want to see where the journey to middle earth all begun. Feel like a hobbit and enjoy the world of a hobbit!


Tongariro National Park and & Mt Ruapahu: The Tongariro crossing should be on every New Zealand traveller’s list of must does, but this location is particularly special for LOTR fanatics! Mt Doom is located on the Tongariro walkway, giving you the best views of Mordor… you can even choose to walk up Mt Doom (Mt Ngauruhoe the true name for this mountain). Also in this region you will find the Mangawhero falls where Gollum catches a fish, as well as Whakapapa ski field and Tukino ski field that were the location of many scenes depicting Mordor!

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The Weta Workshop, Wellington: if you would like to see the behinds the scenes work that goes in to producing and creating a movie like the Lord of the Rings, take some time at the Weta Workshop in Wellington. This is where the props, costumes and special effects were created for the movie. It will really give you an idea of the fantasy world that was created in the film, and remind you that The Lord of the Rings is not just about the amazing scenary! (Although New Zealand has got a lot going for it in that area to).


South Island:


From Christchurch, The Lord of the Rings Edoras tour is a day trip you can do; you can even be picked up from The Old Countryhouse! This tour will take you on an interactive ride to the city of Edoras, and along the way you will see behind the scenes footage of the movie. Lunch is provided on this tour, and if you are considering making this your day trip from Christchurch come talk to our reception team to book your tour!


Twizel: Twizel is home to Gondor, and you can re-encat the Battle of Pellanor fields if you are keen to get your costume on!!

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Queenstown-Glenorchy: Out from Queenstown, heading toward Glenorchy is the spot where Frodo, Sam and Gollum are watching the battle between Faramir’s rangers and the Oliphaunts take place. You will find this spot at Lake Wakatipu. A place called Paridise is also located close to Glenorcy, this is setting where Gandalf was making his way to Saruman’s tower.


TeAnau: TeAnau is a great place to travel as a tourist; such rugged, vast untouched lanscapes surround this area. As a Lord of the Rings fan you are in for a treat when it comes to scenes to see! The locations for the dead marshes: Kepler Mire is located in Te Anau as well as Fangorn forest where Aragorn tracks the hobbits trail in to the forest. The Waiau river, known in Lord of the Rings as Anduin River is featured in the opening shots of Fellowship of the Ring. Also in the Te Anau area you will find several shots of the Mavora Lakes including Merry & Pippin’s trail when they escaped the orcs near Fangorn Forrest.


There are a few more spots to find, but if a tour or finding out more about these locations interest you, come to the reception to chat further. We love Lord of the Rings!