The rolling hills at base of Christchurch are known as the port hills, and are an excellent place to walk, bike or run. At the top is a magnificent view, and if you choose the do multiple hikes you will be pleasantly surprised how different Christchurch and Canterbury looks from different peaks. Below are two awesome hikes that we often recommend to our guests, these are easily accessed from the hostel by bus or car and are a great way to experience more of Christchurch!


Harry Ell walkway, the Harry Ell walk starts at Victoria park (by the sign of the Takahe) and goes to the Sign of the Kiwi. You will see two iconic Christchurch, landmarks and witness a fantastic view at the top. This track goes through the bush, and is a much-loved walk for locals. You do not need to be an experienced walker/tramper to do this walk, in fact it is highly recommended to all abilities because the dynamic view you get at the top. If you are looking for something a little more challenging, then you can choose to carry on to a more intense track once you reach the top. Locals love this track because the Sign of the Kiwi is a beautiful dairy/café renowned for it’s generous ice-creams. Take in that gorgeous view at the top, with a sweet treat. But if you are not keen on ice-cream, the view itself is phenomenal. Cast your eyes over the brilliant Canterbury plains and busy Christchurch city, or turn around and gaze upon Lyttelton harbor hidden on the other side of the hill. If you are keen to get out an about in Christchurch the Harry Ell walk way is a must do!


Bridle Path Walk, starting at the base of the gondola. This walk is a bit steeper but well worth the trek. There is less shrubbery in the area so turn around at any point and see the dynamic view. Once at the top you will get the perk of the gondola view, and you can choose to carry on for some more adventure. If you are too tired maybe choose to take a break at the gondola café, and ride the gondola back down. You will also see the magnificent Lyttelton harbour behind you, with Lyttelton port tucked at the base of the hill. The view of Christchurch is a different angle on the city and worth the trek to the top.


Have you been on either of these walks? Which was your favourite?


christchurch-gondola 2


If you are just visiting Christchurch, we would definitely recommend one of these hill walks if you want a nice day out and a phenomenal view of Christchurch! Pop by The Old Countryhouse reception if you would like more information, or are having trouble deciding what walk to do!