Welcome to The Old Countryhouse we are a hostel in Christchurch who knows and loves New Zealand. We have seen travelers come and go through our doors over the last 18 years, many with stories both good and bad of their experiences in New Zealand. Our team is filled with travelers who have explored this country and fell in love with it. We have done many tours, traveled around and often help guests with trip planning and recommendations. We have set this blog up primarily to give a bit of advice back to the backpacker community that we know and love. All of our posts are our own opinions and experiences; however we have drawn from guest feedback as to what they would like to have known coming to this country.

We look forward to sharing with you!

Christchurch City

Before we go any further we must mention our beautiful city! We love and are so proud of Christchurch city, a city that now has a tainted reputation as the earthquake city of New Zealand. Amazingly Christchurch is a city of overcomers, with businesses around the city picking themselves up and getting involved in the rebuilding of a new Christchurch! It will still be years away until the city is complete, but many things that have come out of the Christchurch rebuild are definitely aimed to appeal to those visiting the city. We have new adrenaline ventures, tours, playgrounds, buildings, gardens, memorials, cafes, bars, restaurants, function centres and much much more!

We will also be posting tips and things to do around Christchurch city.

Topics covered on our blog will be:

  • Tips for travelers in New Zealand
  • Why New Zealand…. why me?
  • Places to go in New Zealand
  • Christchurch city
  • The Old Countryhouse