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At The Old Countryhouse we have decided to raise awareness amongst people and so we are starting our Consciousness Week on praising day, 8th of August where we will be even kinder to each other until SPCA fundraising cupcake day, 14th of August.


We believe being kind it’s important as it brings kind energy forward and therefore the whole atmosphere becomes even better. We are going to encourage our guest to praise each other even if only a little compliment such as like:” You have a beautiful smile.” The staff will join too.


Through out the week we are going to offer free yoga classes, free meditation classes, daily free cupcakes for the deed of the day, free talk on meditation and lots of kind words, warm smiles from our fabulous staff and we are sure, also guest.


Being kind and grateful brings happiness. And everybody deserves to be happy. On one of the researches on happiness it was found that people are happier when they do something nice for someone else.



Here are just few benefits of kindness:


  • As we already know: Makes us happier.
  • Keeps us healthier.
  • Slows down the aging (yaay I get to look younger – I’m in. :).
  • Makes our relationships better.
  • Be careful – is contagious.




As we are also joining SPCA cupcake day we will also be baking cupcakes and raising money to send it off to SPCA to help them to take care of abandoned animals. If you have a great vegan cupcake recipe let us know…but I tell you, the first few rounds we made were delicious – come and try. And also – stay with us during this magical time. See you.