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Nowadays, lots of information is available online, but, can it beat your personal experience? We have collected a lot of information on what to do, how to best do it and how to source the best deals over our 17 years of owning this hostel. We invite you to make the most of our local knowledge and here is how we can help you save time researching stuff online and spend more time on enjoying your holiday in New Zealand. Perhaps, we can even give you one or two tips, that only locals know of and won’t be found online?

Free activity booking services

Our staffs here are keen to try anything, not only because it’s fun, but so that they know all about the great things to do in Christchurch or anywhere around the South Island and so that they can give you their own feedback. They are waiting for you to quiz them about what to do and where to best do it. They can tell you what is the best value for a bus tour, or whether you may consider hiring a car or even a camper van. They will tell you where to find quirky little cafes, hidden treasured pathways or waterfalls, good picnic spots and where to best go skydiving, rafting, canyoning or taking a yoga class. They will tell you where to learn how to make your own Tiki, paint your own picture of famous New Zealand landscapes or carve your own knife. And, they can share their experiences with you and really tell you, what you absolutely must do while in New Zealand. They will even help you plan your whole trip around New Zealand, help you picking some great hostels and some real highlights, so you not only go home with a bag full of great memories, but also come back time and time again, because New Zealand is just great.

Free rental car or camper quote

We often find that people are reluctant to book their camper van or their rental car online, and we can help finding the best hire deal with one of the local companies that we have used for many years and found them to be friendly AND they have reliable cars. These companies provide a great service, will come and pick you up from our hostel, provide you with maps or GPS and sometimes we can even negotiate a free car ferry deal into your price as well. Finding a good hire car or camper deal takes some time to research, so it is best, if you start planning that while you are still at home, though we almost always can still locate a hire car at short notice as well. If you like to get a quote for a hire vehicle, please click on the below Rental Car Quote and we will start working for you.

Our $$$ saving tip

Book your rental car through us prior to your arrival in New Zealand and if you arrive between 8am – 5pm seven days a week you get FREE transport from the airport to the rental car depot where you can collect your car, saving you the taxi or shuttle bus fare into the city.

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    Free transport booking service

    Whether you need to go to the Train Station, the Airport or are looking for a cheap bus to travel up or down the country, we can help you book it, often with pick up from our doorstep. To book your bus to your next stop in New Zealand, please come and see us at Reception. To book your airport or train station shuttle service ahead, please click on the below links.

    Airport Shuttle from Airport

      Current prices for Airport Shuttles are $35 plus $8 per additional passenger.

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      Airport Shuttle to Airport

        Current prices for Airport Shuttles are $35 plus $8 per additional passenger.

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        Train Shuttle from Train Station

          Current prices for the shuttle from the Train Station is $10 per person.

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          Train Shuttle to Train Station

            Current prices for the shuttle to the Train Station is $10 per person.

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