Our last blog gave plenty of tips to stay warm in the cold winter days. However, there is one other way to stay warm that we did not write about: Coffee!

Therefore, this time we give you four of the best places in Christchurch to get coffee. Oh well, since you are there anyway, you might want to try some food as well. The coffee culture is big here in Christchurch and that has brought us some delicious coffee. Make sure to go to at least one of these shops but, if you can,  go to them all.

Under The Red Verandah

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Under the Red Verandah Cafe, was a distinctive landmark building on the corner of Worcester and Tancred Streets until February 2011 when the earthquake damaged it and it had to be demolished shortly after. It was over 100 years old, and had a rich history. This was not a reason to give up though, the cafe had to temporarily operate from the shed next to the cafe until it was rebuilt. The new cafe: Under The New Red Verandah, still is an ‘urban oasis’ offering great food, coffee, and service. The cafe is super popular under locals and is highly respected. It is also super close to the Old Countryhouse and you just have to go there for  good breakfast, lunch, or coffee.

Cafe Lumes

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This cafe on Fitzgerald street has everything you need from a coffee shop. Delicious coffee, with even better treats. In Lumes, you can get the best food brewed by the best baristas. The staff is super friendly and always delivers great quality food as well as coffee and other drinks. Additionally, the shop looks trendy and has a great ambiance. You should definitely go there, for breakfast or some food, and get a coffee. The shop has a great connection with its customers, for example via its Facebook page. Due to the total package, the shop has great reviews and a large number of fans that visit regularly.

The Black Betty

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The Black Betty Cafe on Madras street is a cool place that is enjoyed by many. It can get quite busy in this cafe, but that is for good reasons. The food and coffee is amazing and the staff is friendly and super helpfull. Many customers recommend friends to go as well and the community on Facebook is giving the cafe outstanding reviews. The use of different equipment and many different options to get your coffee and other drinks makes this place a fun shop to go to. If you are a coffee-enthusiast you just have to stop by to see all the different equipment they have. They also have everything coffee-related for sale for you to take home and do yourself. Awesome place, make sure to check it out.

C1 Espresso

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This might be the busiest place of the town, but it is for a good reason. C1 is a great place to grab a bite and have some coffee. It is not an ordinary store, instead it serves your sliders through pneumatic tubes and you can order color-changing tea.  There are more specials, but we can’t give everything away. The coffee is great and the food is awesome, but what makes C1 different is the location. Located on High Street, in what used to be a post office, the location is absolutely amazing. The shop does a great job in getting everything out of the location, making this a no-brainer for your trip through the city.

So, which one are you trying? Make sure to let us know what you chose to go for and what you thought of it! Any other suggestions? Let us know! We are always in for coffee.