Last week we discussed some of the best coffee shops in Christchurch. This week we continue our trip through Christchurch and tell you about the best streetfood in town.

Streetfood is an upcoming thing in many different cities and countries, but it is booming in Christchurch. The earthquake forced restaurant and bar owners to think outside the box and the Re:Start Mall gave them a great opportunity. The small shops made out of containers created a suiting atmosphere for foodtrucks. That was the start of a completely new food culture in Christchurch that is now bigger than ever. Since this “streetfood” is so diverse, it is suitable for lunch, dinner, or a great snack in between.

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With the growing popularity of the food trucks, more and more delicious food entered the city. This resulted in the food market in the middle of Cathedral Square. Every Friday, an assembly of food trucks fills the complete square with tasty food from all over the world! It is a great get-together of different cultures and generations, with one thing in common: Passion for delicious food.

It is a special festival every Friday, that starts at 11am but is at its busiests from 4pm when people come there ater work. It has the atmosphere of friendliness that is so typical for Christchurch. Now that there is an ice skating rink as well, it is the best opportunity to see what the city has to offer.

Some of the trucks you might see include: Mamacita’s, Rodi’s Spice Fusion, Rollickin’ Gelato, Sherpa Kai, Ceylon Kitchen, Fritz’s Wieners, Kiwi Churros, Transylvanian Delight – Chimney Cakes, Tiki Taco, All Thingz Nice, Liberty Foods, Lettuce Eat, Five R’s Pinoy Food, Dorothy’s Pop Up Tea Rooms, Street Food and Spring Potato.

After all this mouth-watering information, we understand that you did not make it this far into the blog as you are already on your way to get some delicious food. It’s okay, we do not mind. Enjoy!

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