Hidden Qualities! –



Upon arrival to CHCH! I had Preconceptions about how the city would look, as do most people upon arrival to a new city! But even more so with Christchurch following the devastation of the 2011 earthquake. At first glance my biases were correct! But believe me when I say Christchurch has a lot of hidden gems! that are just transcendental / awe-inspiring!


Directions: Walk Along Gloucester Street until you reach the cathedral due to construction you may be required to detour slightly, but if you follow Gloucester Street to the end you will reach the Canterbury museum the botanic garden entrance is adjacent to this


Botanical Gardens!

The entrance to the botanic gardens is by the grand fountain feature, which immediately exudes opulence, in my opinion it’s a great way to attract people and also a good starting point. I recommend seeing the rose garden and also a leisurely stroll by the riverside. The complete walk will take up to 2 hrs. But is definitely worth it.

Directions: Take the Yellow line bus into the bus station directly opposite the Old Countryhouse, outside subway. Once at the bus station take the 28 Papanaui, towards lyttleton



As the sky-lift ascends upwards the initial vertigo kicks in which adds to the anticipation & excitement but when the views come into sight your expectations are surpassed to say they are breathtaking would be an underestimation you must see it with your own eyes. I recommend the coffee and cake before you decide to descend.


Directions: Take the yellow line bus into the bus station then take the purple line to Sumner



A great summer resort, you can lay on the silky smooth beach and catch up on your tan with the backdrop of the unbelievably beautiful views or you can walk around the picturesque little village that is aptly named Sumner.


C1 Café

The food in itself is unique; they have managed to turn the ordinary into the extoridianry, there’s always a quirkiness to the food, for example order a jam sponge and they will supply you with a injectable cream that you insert into the cake yourself. Even the toilets are so inventive, because they are concealed behind a bookcase like something out of an Agatha Cristie novella. There’s the brilliant juxtapose of the old building interior and exterior against the contemporary coffee machines, gives this place an old world charm with a touch of class I highly recommend poping in for a coffee. If I haven’t sold it to you then just try the food, you’ll be surprised by the delivery service I will leave that to your imagination.



This is just a foretaste of what this city has to offer, so why not become part of this upcoming vibrant city because I guarantee you will be captivated by Christchurch.