Autumn, the beautiful season where the leaves change colour, the morning frost sparkles on the grass and you are not quite sure if you should put on another layer of clothing on… just in case. Canterbury is home to some beautiful sights, and autumn is no exception. We definitely would encourage you to the Christchurch and Canterbury region during this time, here are some perks to encourage you on your autumn travel experience.

  • Cheaper travel and longer stays. As many tourists start to leave in autumn and hostels begin to offer cheaper prices as well as great long term options for your stay. At the Old Countryhouse we offer our travellers a winter weekly deal, that starts mid-autumn. (Enquire on our website for more info). Having that longer stay in one place gives you a better look around, you can experience more activities without worrying about the weather and you can really get to know the city you choose to relax in.
  • Sports matches, as nights become longer why not take the opportunity to experience New Zealand’s national sport? The super rugby season starts at the end of February/beginning of March, and New Zealanders are passionate about their rugby! If you are staying at The Old Countryhouse over autumn, the AMI stadium is very accessible by bus, you should take a few fellow travellers to a great night out. New Zealanders are also passionate about netball and basketball, these games you can attend during your autumn stay. This year, 2017, the Lion’s tour is on in June; stay at the Old Countryhouse for two or more nights while the Lion’s play the Canterbury Crusaders!!
  • Christchurch’s coffee culture. Christchurch has a reputation for good coffee, and there are plenty of coffee lovers in the area to share this interest with. There are a number of quirky cafes in the area, to tickle your tastebuds. Some choose to make their own coffee, others have their own specialty brews and some will give you a great breakfast to accompany your fine brew. Even on a cold autumn day a nice coffee and cosy atmosphere will warm you up.
  • Crisp sunny days, autumn in Christchurch is not all rain and gloom. A chilly morning frost can mean a beautiful crisp and sunny day. There are plenty of great hikes to go on in the area, and look out spots. We recommend having a wander up the port hills, if you go up in the early hours of the morning you will often see a blanket of fog covering Christchurch city and a miraculous sunrise glazing the sky.

These are just some handy hints for how to enjoy an autumn in Christchurch while you are travelling, stay tuned in to our blog for some more autumn tips and perks.