Have you heard of the expression “4 seasons in one day”? That is what you will most probably experience when you are traveling to New Zealand. Autumn is a great time to travel in this beautiful country also known as Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. With many different possibilities for adventure from hiking to swimming with dolphins, whale watching, digging your own hot pool, experiencing Maori culture, skiing, surfing, and many more, New Zealand is the best country to travel in. Plus, you get to see all the marvellous colours that nature has to offer if you do it during Autumn.

Temperature in autumn varies between 6C – 21C, with weather being a bit warmer on the North Island and slightly colder on the South island. While exploring Aotearoa you want to feel comfortable and warm, which also mean you need to pack the right clothes… And that’s why we are giving you a list of must-bring items to bring with you for this season.

The types of clothing your backpack should include are dependent on your choice of activities, but if you are planning to do the full mix of activities such as walks, hikes, parties, job hunting, and mountain biking we recommend your backpack is filled with:

  • Thermals: walking boots and zip–off hiking pants if you will be doing walks.
  • Comfy walking shoes for light walks.
  • Rain and windproof jacket.
  • Smart – casual outfit if you will be on a hunt for jobs.
  • Hoody for a walk in city.
  • Microfiber towel as it is easier to bring around.
  • A dress or nice shirt for a fun night out.
  • Jeans – always a good idea as it keep you warmer in colder days.
  • Leggings – to have extra layer under your pants.
  • A hat, scarf, and pair of gloves.
  • Flip flops or slippers to wear while in a hostel.


We also recommend:

  • Bringing Sunscreen. Although the sun is not too strong it is always a good idea to protect the skin on your face.
  • Wearing layers, to make it easy for you to cater to the changeable weather.
  • Pack clothes for one week only to avoid carrying too much weight on your back. You will mostly find washing machines in every accommodation.
  • Warm socks for the airplane and the cold nights. As we always say: “your heat goes out through the feet.”
  • Pack all the goodies that make your travel easy and comfortable.
  • Stay at The Old Countryhouse and keep yourself warm while using our hot tub and sauna – so bring swimwear too.  (:

Alright, happy packing and we hope to meet you at The Old Countryhouse soon.