Rain, sometimes it just happens and your great plan for a big hike, bike or adventure suddenly must change! New Zealand can be a little unpredictable with the weather, but not to worry Christchurch has a lot to offer on those gloomy days. When the weather is a little dull, you can still explore the city: you can walk through the colorful Re Start Mall, visit some of the iconic symbols of Christchurch, have some fun with the indoor activities. Summer may appear to be over, but not to worry there is so many options to make your travels worthwhile.


Since we have been working with travelers for a long time we often hear the words, “it’s raining and there is nothing to do!”. On your travels rain can seem like a hassle, and an obstacle to over come. At The Old Countryhouse getting bored and depressed in the hostel room is not an option! Our reception team can help you out, and if you are sitting in your dorm room right now wondering what you should be doing we have also put some suggestions together in this blog to help you to fill your rainy day. J


We have quite a few things to do around our hostel and in the city. So get out of your comfort zone, get yourself a rain coat and make the most of your day.



  • Explore Christchurch’s great coffee shops

Coffee is always the solution, who cares what the question is!?

Our favorite picks would be C1 Espresso with its unique ambience, Vivace cafe on Tuam Street, the always popular Under The Red Verandah or organic Herb Centre Café. All of these options are walking distance from the Old Countryhouse so you will not get too wet! So get yourself a coffee and a good breakfast to start your day. Thus you will probably think.. ‘who needs the sun, rainy days are awesome too!’


  • Museum day.

Visit Canterbury museum and learn about the Maori culture, New Zealand land and animals, Antarctica and all of the different cultures that have been living in Canterbury since European’s first came to Aotearoa. The Canterbury museum is home to a number of remarkable collectors collections and unique New Zealand clothing design through time.

If this is not your interest then maybe visit Air force Museum of New Zealand instead or the Antartic centre? The museums in Christchurch are so interesting and unique, they are definitely worth a look. So what about using a rainy day to gain more knowledge about this amazing country that you are traveling in right now?


  • Art Gallery

We love art! In the Christchurch Art Gallery you will find different national and international exhibitions as well as collection based exhibitions. You’re definitely at the right place if you look for inspiration or if you just want to see some great artworks. There are also modern art galleries, and local art exhibitions to visit if you have a passion for art.


  • Movie day

What about going to the cinema? Throwing popcorn on your friends sitting in front of you is always great fun, isn’t it? Just a short ride from The Old Countryhouse there is Reading Cinemas with wide range choice of movies. Tickets start from only $11. (Popcorn will be more expensive). Christchurch is home to many quirky or “artsy” cinemas; in Sumner, the Tannery or the city centre you will also find some cinemas that show old classic movies, or ones not usually shown on the big screen.



  • Going to the gym

You are a fit person and want to keep in shape? Or you may be considering if you should do something good to your body, after you spent the last months traveling and having beer, wine, fish & chips or Dominos pizza every day. There are quite a few gyms around our hostel. Either a short ride or in walking distance. Next to the Reading Cinema in the Palms Center you can find snap fitness. Other options are “Fitnesse” in the Eastgate Center (only for women) or “Aqua Gym” swimming centre on Cashel Street, which is in walking distance from our hostel


  • Rock climbing

Another great way to improve your physical fitness is rock climbing! It doesn’t matter whether you are a rock climbing lover or you just want to make a new experience. Why not visit one of our rock climbing centers in Christchurch? Just a short ride from us is the YMCA Adventure center and Clip and Climb on Waltram Street. Another option is the Uprising Boulder Club in Woolston.


  • Trampoline or indoor mini-golf

Try the Flipout Trampoline Arena Christchurch and show your tricks or play the indoor course at ferrymead golf. There are so many options for mini golf around Christchurch, if you want a glow in the dark one in ferrymead, a wild west themed mini golf or one with lots of miniture trains, we seem to have it all!!



  • Enjoy our spa and sauna at The Old Countryhouse

Last but not least you can always make use of our spa facilities. Hang around in the hot tub or sweat in the sauna. Be creative! You can also start a paper boat race on the spa pool. If you really don’t want to leave the hostel, we brought some luxury and relaxation to you!


We hope you enjoy our suggestions, is there any wet weather activities thatyou have thoroughly enjoyed that we missed! Like us on facebook and let us know what your favourite rainy day activity is in Christchurch.