Different from our last post when we talked about kindness and praising each other, this week we are going to talk about 3 great one-day trips out of Christchurch.




3 – Cave Steam Scenic Reserve & Castle Hill

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Stunning spot where you are going to adventure crossing a nearly 600m cave where a water steam flows through! There are two walking paths to get into the cave, the difference between them is the distance. You shouldn’t mind walking longer through those amazing sights. There’s a parking lot and toilets in the entrance, plus a table for picnic! So, bring you food and torches and be ready to get hop in the water!


2 – Hanmer Springs

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What to talk about the lovely Hanmer Springs?! It’s such an amazing village! Where you can find everything you need to have a good time; restaurants, cafes, great accomodations, pubs, grocery stores, souvenir store and all the other things in the main avenue. You have great walks all around the village, long and short ones, where you can also moutain bike! And the main attraction in Hanmer Springs, the hot pools! Where you can chill and relax after a long day of walking or even skiing or snowboarding!


1 – Akaroa

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Favourite place in NZ for many people! Perfect for walks, into the forest or on the beach! You can also go in a cruise, sail with dolphins, farms tour or just seat down and relax in one of the cafes/restaurants there for a meal, a coffee or a pint just facing the sea! A great place to relax and forget about everything else.

Interesting fact: Around 1838/39 Akaroa was ‘colonised’ by the French, so you can find lots of its French/European connection, starting by the names of the streets and also in the museum.


We hope it’s now easier to decide for your Sunday trip. Let us know in the comments below.